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Longburn Draining offers a range of services specifically tailored to the farming community.

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About Us

Longburn Draining has been operating for the past 30 years

As a specialist drainage business offering farmers draining solutions across their farming businesses. As technology has advanced so to has the equipment used by Longburn Draining to ensure the highest standard achievable for the drainage jobs undertaken. Brent and their team are all approachable and are solution driven, offering a free mapping of the desired area for future reference.

Previous Projects


Large jobs are completed with ease and small jobs are able to be achieved quickly with the minimum of fuss

Our Services

As part of this service we develop a free mapping of the drainage system put in place using our specialized laser equipment to establish levels, followed up with our state of the art trencher which digs and lays the pipe in one action. Our custom built stone hopper then lays the stone over pipe and we then make a 3rd pass to cover the stone.

A free map

of the drained area showing distances and layout for easy identification at a later date

View an example here...

Improving wet gateways

with drainage

Improving wet paddocks

with a planned drainage system

Cleaning out drains

Clean out silted up open drains

Installing new water lines

for troughs. This can be the whole farm or just a single unit

Locating old drainage lines

with our pipe camera and locator unit

Replacing leaking lines

Solutions to many challenging underground water loss issues

Mole ploughing

Help reduce waterlogging problems substantially

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